Welcome to Milk & Weed

You could possibly be taken  aback by a site called Milk & Weed but you really need to stop being so damn serious all the time. This is site dedicated to the ideas that you will not come across on a daily basis because you’re stuck in a tedious rat race. Chances are that you don’t even know it because you have been consumed by the potpourri of ideas created to keep you subservient.

It’s very easy to remain in our comfort zones both physically and mentally. Think about the last time you learned a new word. Do you know what ebullient means? Ebullient is the sense of strong zest and enthusiasm. If you have been learning new words on a daily basis then good for you. Milk & Weed is still for you because chances are you’re fat. You need to put those books down and develop a plan to work hard and get the best body your genetics allow. That’s an unfortunate reality. We are physically limited by our genetics; I can’t have a David Beckham body even if I wanted it. Good thing that I don’t–that guy looks weak.

Some of our posts will be written by individuals who find themselves in an inebriated state; that’s something we encourage. Milk & Weed is a site about abstract thinking– if you’re stuck with a robotic brain, we won’t be for you until you release yourself from your bondage.

Either way, there is a lot to explore mentality and physically. Stick with us at Milk & Weed and you’ll definitely like the person your become in a year. Or not.

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