Three Things I Learned After Getting High For 60 Days Straight

Smoking weed has affected my life in the following ways:

I was so constrained by the sense of living like an outstanding citizen that I had forgotten the fact that I could get marijuana whenever I want. There was no mother figure with a strong sense of smell in my apartment to stop me from enjoying some herb. Gone were the days of sneaking out through the backdoor to smoke ganja with the 15 stray cats that roamed the yard.

My living room could become a marijuana den at a moments notice. This truth fell on top of me quite heavy as I soon began to smoke everyday for 60 days straight to celebrate my liberation. My day wasn’t full of blunts and bong hits but my evenings and nights were. You better believe that I was waking and baking on the weekends, too–it was a lot. Through it I learned some minor things like that buying weed in bulk will only make you spend more money because you’re going to smoke it all in a day or two–trust me. Currently, I’ve decided to cut back on the smoking because I shouldn’t give into all of my urges and I need to show that I control lady buddha.

There were still somethings that I learned while in that cloud. Of course I could’ve learned these things without the need to get high for 2 months. That wouldn’t have been fun.

1. I  Can’t Go Back To A Regular Job

The freedom that I’ve found after quitting my job has been one of the most freeing experiences of my life. Dread is the only word that comes to my mind when I think back to the days where I would have to be stuck in a building for 12 hours. If I had to go to work on Friday, my life would begin crumbling around me on Wednesday morning due to the fact that I had to work that Friday. I wasn’t a happy person. My father is an entrepreneur; he always told us to work to realize our dreams, not somebody else’s. Honestly, I always thought my father was crazy for struggling with his business but I understand it now. Nothing can compare to the feeling of working for yourself and with your skill. Whether you’ve identified it or not, we all have certain abilities or ideas that we can use to free ourselves from the binds of having to go to the office 5 days out of the week.

2. You Wouldn’t Believe Who Smokes Weed

The CEO of the company you work for smokes weed. Your electricians do cocaine and your mother probably drinks red wine when she isn’t calling you. Haven’t you wondered why your pushy mother is always in your business? The alcohol has her feeling like a life coach–just humor her. Almost everyone smokes weed. Even the guy who says that he would never in a million years do any form of illegal drugs is snorting Xanax off a male prostitute’s leg. Also, the manager at Target is a father to a newborn daughter and he sells weed on the side to make ends meet. Yes, and he’ll physically threatened young skateboarders if they try to sell weed on his turf. People aren’t as boring as you think and you’d know this if you’d take the time out of you day to talk to them.

3. Marijuana Is Great For Exercise

Look, I haven’t done yoga is years but you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t a certified yogi when I was three blunts in and doing upward life on my living room floor. Weights were nothing to me as I lifted them off the ground while I myself was lifted. With the right strain, you can get that extra rep you so desperately need. Everyone shouldn’t start smoking and exercising because you can seriously hurt yourself (I am not liable). Start small, don’t take big rips and go run around your neighborhood. Get to know how your body reacts to the THC and use it to your benefit. You can’t blame the herb if you become a coach potato–that’s your own fault. Like I said above, even athletes smoke weed.

One thought on “Three Things I Learned After Getting High For 60 Days Straight

  1. Man I sure enjoyed this funny article full of life. 60 days is a long time and imagine if you had saved money for 60days. 🙂 you would be extremely Rich. I love your freedom. Push forward man. Push forward.


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