Fitness is Ugly and That’s How It Should Be

Making the decision to change the course of your life is a daunting experience. Research and planning are some of the requirements you must do if you’re serious about changing your life. Another truth you must take in is that fitness is hard and you must push through the wall. The wall is the point when your muscles start to feel really uncomfortable. For example, let’s say you have to do 10 weighted squats on your first day at the gym, or whatever place you decide to exercise, and up until this point, the only time you ever pop a squat is when you are forced to use the public bathroom at Golden Corral on a Sunday. Your body will want to give up on rep 5 because you have a primal obligation to protect yourself from pain. Your brain ends up convincing you that five is enough. Because you’re feeling uncomfortable, you agree with yourself  and that you’ll stop at 5 and do 10 later. That’s it. The wall is still intact.

Exercising is not pretty. You’re supposed to grit your teeth and contort your body in ways you didn’t think possible. When I started lifting weights, I put two 10 lbs weights on each side of the bar for my shoulder press. Exactly, 10 lbs on each side. It was embarrassing, yet, I pushed myself to complete all my sets. While I don’t do that form of shoulder press anymore because it made my back feel unnatural, I’ve gotten to the point where I am lifting 55 lbs of free weights on each arm during the barbell alternating shoulder press. By the way, the alternating shoulder press works the same muscles but without causing scoliosis.

Also, my max at the bench press is currently at 245 lbs, which is a great improvement from when I struggled with 135 lbs. You can progress, too.

Get to where this guy is at. He gets it.

What I am trying to tell you is that physical improvement is achievable as long as you grit your teeth and look ugly. I know people who look to Instagram for fitness motivation and end up watching exercises performed by insanely attractive women  where no bead of sweat is present. This is great for visual stimulation but you have to remember that reality is different. In our real, cruel, and rewarding world, exercising isn’t supposed to feel good or look good. You didn’t look at all good when you went for a plate full of mashed potatoes at Golden Corral, so don’t think you’ll look good when you’re burning all of that grease off.

Break the wall. 


One thought on “Fitness is Ugly and That’s How It Should Be

  1. I absolutely agree. When I pushed past my wall I was able to do more squats with a heavier weight. All because of this article I’m pushing myself in every area of my life.


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