How a Recluse Found Love and Weed

Womanizing wasn’t a big part of my life in High School. It’s not due to my virtues or my principals–I wanted to get a lot of girls. The girlfriends I did manage to get were greatly attributed to my personality more than my looks. Because I was sent to a private high school during my sophomore, junior, and senior year, I finished my mandatory learning years with a hand full of friends and absolutely no girlfriends. Now, I wasn’t a complete loser because I managed to touch (with permission) a certain girl’s nether regions, and she touched mine (I think).

Once I got a vehicle my life changed. The fact that I had minimal friends forced me to meet women outside of my circle. I would get in my automobile and roam the streets trying to pick up women in my maroon GMC Suburban. At the time, it was the most nerve-wrecking thing I’d have ever done. This technique of picking up women isn’t recommended because it makes you seem desperate. The courage to walk up to females wouldn’t come till later but my confidence won me some top level numbers. Slowly I got better at talking to females and soon I was cold approaching people whenever I went.

I managed to convert myself from a radicalized recluse to a semi-successful pick up artist. My confidence was so enlarged that I had the ability to go to restaurants by myself. All of that training led up to the moment that I met my wife.While walking into a grocery store on a Saturday, the first thing I saw was this short girl with a thick behind. I have to be honest–that’s what drew my attention to her at first. When my nerves started to tangle themselves I knew that I had to speak to this woman. Now, I’m married to that girl whose butt draws eyes and I couldn’t be happier.

Being the open-minded couple we are, we decided to get high together one night. We grow closer with every night we spend taking bong hits and watching  a movie together. Pizza is involved sometimes, albeit not enough times. How many wives smoke weed with their husbands? It’s should be the foundation to any union.

I could’ve remained isolated from the world and I wound’t be here right now–high at noon on a Tuesday.



One thought on “How a Recluse Found Love and Weed

  1. What a beautiful story. Super personal look inside the mind of a great writer and sexy-weight lifting-successful-extremely confident man


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