The World Needs Def Poetry

If there is a list of shows that don’t get the recognition they deserve, Def Poetry would be at the top. The intimacy that Def Poetry provided to its viewers was beyond words. Everything about Def Poetry gave off the essence of charisma , funk, dirt, sweat, and an underground spirit. From the dim lights highlighting the small stage, that appeared bigger than it actually was because of the mic stand erected at the edge, to the soulful, revolutionary host that was Mos Def.

Def Poetry just made poetry cool again.

Trust me, I know that there are enough television shows out there that make you feel good like when you’re eating a whole pizza with extra sauce. Def Poetry is the show that, after exposure, you’d unknowingly schedule to watch. Your body will yearn to hear the words expelling from the wet mouths of people you’ve never met. You’ll crave to hear their stories of loss, love, greed, and weed. Even HBO itself had a little more soul when Def Poetry was still on.

Luckily, Def Poetry Jam still exists in my DVD collection and on Youtube. Here are some of our favorite poems that we picked with the intent to  remind you that the world needs to bring back Def Poetry. Get me in contact with Russell Simmons.

1. Black Ice – Bigger Than Mine

2. Big Rube – Alphabet Acrobat

3. Amanda Diva – 40 Emcees

4. Kanye West – Bittersweet

5. DMX – The Industry

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