Musical Inspiration For Creative Nights

Our minds start to wander when the moon appears. We thirst for new information, new situations, or new opportunities. Our brains are labyrinths with passages we have never transverse. We sit on our porches, or look out of the window, and stare at the old lights in above us and think. We tend to overthink but that’s okay — explore yourself at all times. Our creativity seizes these moments for the opportunity to dance with our spirit. With a cigarette in our mouth, we sit and contemplate everything that makes us the convoluted beings that we are.

There’s music filling our ears through it all. Music we grew up with or music we found through word of mouth. The music we play is what our minds and spirits dance to while we’re lost in the indescribable essence that consumes us.

Truth be told, you’re probably tired of listening to the same songs. And that’s not a bad thing. Your neglected ears crave to hear something new but coming across mind-altering new music is difficult. Don’t worry, Milk and Weed is here to help. We have come up with a short list (a top 3?) of music stations you need to listen while you’re lost in your complex thoughts.

Add these artists to your Pandora list, or whatever internet radio you use, and enjoy some of the music that is played at the M&W office. We’d love to hear your suggestions, too — no whack rappers. 

1. Penguin Cafe Orchestra radio

We’d be fast friends if you tell me that you listen to Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Even if you don’t, I’m sure that you’ve heard some of their music on commercials. A station created with Penguin Cafe Orchestra will provide you with some of the best thought provoking, modern classical music you’ll hear. They’ll even play you some older classics like Clair de Lune. What truly makes this station special is the music from Little Miss Sunshine and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind are sprinkle within.

2. MF DOOM radio

Of course. You had to of known that MF DOOM is on constant rotation. DOOM is the most creative man in hip-hop and you wouldn’t even know it. His beats are sick and his rhymes are gorgeous. Making a station based on MF DOOM will inject your life with a much needed dose of abstract hip-hop. You’ll definitely know some of the songs that play, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the number of great underground artists that are played. Seriously, you can hate rap but you can’t hate METAL FACE DOOM. Put down your watered down rap albums and listen to some real artistry led by DOOM. Just remember that it’s all caps when you spell the man’s name.

3. Manu Chao radio

The world citizen Manu Chao is the manifestation of what open-mindedness is. Singing predominately in Spanish, Manu makes music in a variety of languages. What language hasn’t Manu Chao used in his music? Creating a Manu Chao station will really open you up to new worlds of music. Don’t be surprised when you’re crying to a song that’s in a language you’ve never heard of before. Manu Chao understands the importance of the connectivity that music brings.

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