Create a Routine to Create Change

There are limitless manners in which you can waste your time. And you know that you are wasting your time subconsciously. We all have the habit of forgetting that our time on this planet is brief. While it might feel like you’ve been alive a long time, you truly haven’t. I have come to the conclusion that we cannot blame technology and its comforts for the inactivity among our culture, because we have been wasting time before the smartphones were created.

The real culprit here is our underlying fear of success because we’d have to change what we know. Whatever you want to do in life, you’re going to have to make yourself uncomfortable. If you wanted to write a book your whole life but you don’t get your ideas on something solid, you’re never going to write that book. The same goes with getting a sexy body–you can’t just skip leg days; the girls will notice.

What are we going to do about our conformity? I don’t know exactly but I do have some suggestions: we must create a routine. Identify your goals and create a routine around that. For example, if your marriage is struggling, maybe you want to start implementing mandatory date nights with your partner with the goal being to feel that same sense of intrigue and mystery like when you first met. But I don’t want to take it that deep yet. I just want to give you some things you could start doing in the mornings in order to change and build a routine that will further you in your short life.

1. Read in the Morning

Yeah, I absolutely don’t mean get on your phone and read MediaTakeOut. Go a buy a physical book that interests you. Seriously, whatever you want; nobody is judging you. Wander through the aisles filled with books with an open mind and you’ll be surprised at what my attract you. Dedicate 10-15 minutes strictly to reading. There shouldn’t be an excuse to not reading for that small amount of time before starting your day. If you have kids, sleep with the book on your nightstand and read it while on the toilet before they realize you’re awake and start their torment. Kids are the worst, aren’t they? I wouldn’t know… yet.

2. Learn a New Language

Start small and start with Duolingo. It’s free. Everyone likes free stuff–I’m looking at you, communists. You can set your goals on Duolingo, and while learning a language might not be in your ‘to do’ list, it’s an asset that will only enhance you. The point here is to get your brain working and thinking outside of the area you are accustomed to. Don’t psyche yourself out, start small. Practice everyday and you’ll learn more words in a different language than your friends and you can make them feel inferior. You know that feels good.

3. Meditate

I used to think meditating was a dumb, hippie-inspired waste of time. Let’s be honest, they do make it seem pretentious. Meditating is important, just don’t go around bragging about it to people, besides, a person who truly meditates wouldn’t brag about it. Why? Because you connect with something higher than yourself and you uncover some hidden truths. Meditating is nothing easy. With practice, you stop allowing your daily responsibilities to fog your precious mind. Get to know yourself–meditate.


One thought on “Create a Routine to Create Change

  1. This article truly inspired me. I wanna get off my Behind and get out of my comfort zone and do something that will make me money and success


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