Now, You Really Need To Cut Out The Sugar From Your Life

I sat with my jaw open while I watched my first documentary on sugar. I had no idea how evil sugar was–no idea. When the box says low-fat it really means extra-sugar.  That’s how they make things taste good with less fad, they add sugar.  Sugar is what keeps people fat. Sugar and a sedentary lifestyle combined will quickly get you a feature on My 600 lb Life.

As reported by NPR, the sugar industry funded studies by Harvard scientists that refute all claims that sugar had any implication in hear disease.  And here I thought that all scientists in history had rock-solid levels of dignity.  Damn.  My last remaining child-life beliefs get shattered everyday. Before you start harassing our currents scientists, you should know that this corruption happened in the 1960’s.   But then again, the sugar industry is probably still bribing some of these guys because we all know that C.R.E.A.M.

I mean, do I really have to waste my time repeating the same negative effects that sugar has on your body and mind?  We all know them.  Still, it’s hard to stay away from sugar because they put it in things we didn’t even know had sugar.  Juice is loaded with sugar and I used to think it was a healthy option of drink.  You really are better off just sticking with water, coffee, and Earl Grey for the rest of your life. For rest of your life.

I get it though, sugar provides a sweetness to our day and now we have to minimize our intake. Life is hard and it only gets harder, but at least we’re comfortable.


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