Don’t Cry For Me, I’m Already Dead (Technically)

No, this isn’t a request for help. 

We don’t often think about the complexities of death and for good reason–our simple minds can’t wrap  themselves around the concept.  Friends, family, alcohol, and marijuana provide us an escape–moments where we don’t have to think about the struggles of our situations. I am certain that these are the gifts the universe doesn’t want us to squander.  That and coffee. Still, death has been an important fact of our existence.  As we’ve all heard, there is no escaping death and it’s only getting closer every time the planet rotates.

I am getting older and one day I will come face to face with my own death.  This truth has managed to find its way to my conscious brain and I can’t stop thinking about it.  Yes, I am still young but I will die one day–leaving behind those I love immensely.  And we all might die before we expect to due to the changing climate.  I read an article from National Geographic where scientists informed us that the oceans can longer absorb any more carbon and without the oceans, we’d be about 32 degrees hotter.

No, I’m not here to place the blame on conservatives or on people who drive SUV’s. That doesn’t matter, and it never mattered. Apparently, global warming started 200 years ago.  Nothing would make me happier than for the earth to regulate itself just to show us that our most intelligent people aren’t smart enough.  Yes, I hope Earth is just playing a long-con on us.  We need to be aware of our impending end–however it happens. I could choke on ice or I could go through cardiac arrest from watching football like when Barcelona decided to lose to Alaves (REALLY? ALAVES?!).

Imagine yourself on your deathbed and ponder on the things you would’ve wanted to do.  If the opportunity to turn back the clock was real, what would you do with that extra time?  I think about the simple pleasures like sitting with my wife in a coffee shop and observing her wonderfully crafted nose–the one she doesn’t like.  I believe that’s where the bounty of life is.  Cherish the moments where you don’t have to be in the rat race because you found a moment of peace.  Allow yourself to be in that moment of tranquility because the world is always hectic.

Ignite your creativity, take care of those around you, and be self-aware.  You will die so leave as the best version of yourself.

And drink more coffee.



One thought on “Don’t Cry For Me, I’m Already Dead (Technically)

  1. I totally agree. Every time I realize I’ll die one day. I think in the same thought why am I here. Who told my parents to birth me. Because of their reckless behavior I’m here and I’m going to have to succeed and leave behind a legacy because there will be my children who have see first hand the type of woman I “was”//Am


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