My 600 lb Life is the Best Show for Controlling Cravings

I’ve been fixated on the TLC show My 600 lb Life for the last week.  Every morning after I make some coffee, I sit on my couch and watch an episode.  Eating poorly is the last thing on my mind for the rest of my day.  There is something that goes on inside of your spirit when you witness the horrifying results of overeating foods that are high on sugar and fat; they’re probably high on chemicals too.

Watching people give up their life–their freedom–to satisfy the cravings is completely insane.  They can’t even enjoy the sensation of sun rays hitting their skin because a lot of them are prisoners to their beds.  Look, I’m sitting here writing this while the lady on my television is struggling to get off the toilet.  Oh, she broke the damn toilet.  While depressing, this show can be a motivational factor in controlling your consumption.  More importantly, My 600 lb Life is educational which should be expected from a network called The Learning Channel, but they’re also the network that brings us Toddlers and Tiaras, so…

What I have noticed is that the people featured on this show tend to blame their eating habits on something that happened in their past.  Yes, traumatic events happen to people that effect them for the rest of their lives but how long should they use that as an excuse?  You have to stop blaming others by the time you’re an adult.  There are a lot of excuses and Dr. Nowzaradan doesn’t tolerate any of them.  The doctor will tell his patients that they’re fat and dying and sometimes they don’t like it.

If you’re having trouble controlling your cravings, you need to watch My 600 lb Life.  Learn that obesity has no limit and a weak will can transform you into something that is barely recognized as human.  Overeating can ruin your life and the lives of those who are trapped in your gravitational pull.  Seriously, just watch a little bit when you want to eat a whole package of cookies.

One thought on “My 600 lb Life is the Best Show for Controlling Cravings

  1. This show is the worst. I hate seeing overly obese people whine about how they ate themselves to “fame”. It’s more or worst than fat shaming. I understand it helps people not over indulge because looking at them makes me feel like I’ve already eaten. The concept is there it just disgusts me. :/
    Sorry not all fat people just OVERLY fat


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