Marijuana Breathalyzers Exist: Damn You, Technology

Your dreams always come with a catch.  Law enforcement now have in their possession a device that will determine whether or not a driver was smoking marijuana prior to operating their automobile.  The first set of drivers to meet this new technology face to face were drivers in California who were pulled over and asked to volunteer in the collection of data by breathing into the device.

Two drivers admitted to smoking marijuana 30 minutes before driving–truths confirmed by a positive reading on the breathalyzer.  Even drivers who had smoked 3 or 4 hours prior to driving got a positive result. While no arrests were made during initial testing, drivers who tested positive were not allowed to continue driving.

Well, there was one person who was arrested–they had been drinking alcohol.

Edibles won’t save you either, as the breathalyzer can detect THC even if you consumed it through a lollipop, gummy bear, or whatever baked goods you made with your homemade Cannabutter.  It also detects alcohol, evidenced by that one driver who was actually arrested for being under the influence. Currently, the technology is only being used in field tests in California but there are plans to have this device in the hands of every police officer nationwide by next year.

Nationwide marijuana legalization feels all but certain.  Still, we need to be responsible with our use.  Many of us tell ourselves that we drive better when we are stoned but this new tool will really separate the veterans from the newbies.


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