Work and Focus: You Create Your World

It’s important to notice the small caveats in our environment that push us to do the things we do. You start to realize that you’ve been indoctrinated to think a certain way without realizing it. Or you could start to see your own habits and the people you allow in your life hold you back from doing what you need to do. A lot of the ideas circling around today regard the notion of doing what you want, but doing what you want will only lead you to dependence on people or objects. Basically, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and become focused on the man you wish to become; without focus, you’ll get somewhere but, eventually, you’ll sink back into what is comfortable.

I could use myself as an example: If I want to become a better writer, I must write and also read. This means that instead of catching up on whatever new popular series is out there, I need to either use that time to read or write. Time spent honing my craft will only make me better. If after a long day, I decide that I’m too tired to do either, then I might as well give it up. This is what I want and there are things I need to do in order to get where I want to get.

We can fall into a pit where we begin to expect things to just happen; things don’t just happen. This will cause you to become a person full of problems because you are not taking control of your life. You will begin to complain and unload your problems on others who, if they are focused, will not care about your issues and complaints. This will lead you to a life of depression and loneliness but you will have only yourself to blame.

Time for recreation and leisure come only when you’ve done things to warrant them. Doing the necessary things of everyday life doesn’t warrant us an evening of bong hits and Bob’s Burgers. As a matter of fact, your subconscious will tell you this. Don’t choose to ignore the voice in your head that tells you to get up and exercise. Don’t ignore the voice that commands you to get up and craft something so your brain can get better. Ignoring is easy, stop choosing what is easy.

Maintain focus; other won’t.


One thought on “Work and Focus: You Create Your World

  1. Great points! I never thought about how our minds tend to make us think we need to rest and relax (if Netflix can be considered relaxing) just for doing the bare minimum in our lives. I suppose that’s why watching that show at the end of a normal day never feels as good as taking a break after a week of hard work.


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