My Top 5 Most Hated Platitudes

I know I’m not the only one — we’re all tired of hearing and reading ‘motivating’, ‘inspiring’, and contrived phrases. Some platitudes are unknowingly used to patronize, but I understand why people use them. A few of them are aimed at making a terrible situation better, or they are tools that can be used on ourselves to explain the complexities of living. Still, I don’t like them. Here’s a list of my most hated platitudes, some of which many Facebook users probably see everyday superimposed over an image of a historical figure (Marilyn Monroe isn’t important in history; she was just a good looking dame.).

1. It’s God’s will.

We shouldn’t go about blaming everything on God, whether good or bad. It’s not “God’s will” if I don’t get far in my career if I settle with mediocre work. It’s also not His will if I go to jail and find God in there either. My mistakes are my mistakes and my triumphs will only come from my merit. Opportunities are plentiful in this cruel world and it’s up to you to make the most out of those situations.

2. Karma is a bitch.

Bad things happen to everybody. It doesn’t matter how much good juju you think you’ve accumulated: bad days will come to your enemies, your friends, and to you. Prepare.

3. Patience is a virtue.

This one is true in some situations. For instance, let’s say your kids are causing absolute mayhem by coloring the walls with pastels in your new home. Having enough patience to tranquilize yourself out of an Andrea Yates state of mind is to be commended. Now, if you’re at a bar and you spot a gorgeous lady with no suitor in sight but you decide to wait for the perfect opportunity to approach her, only to lose her in the fray of music and alcohol, you have only yourself to blame. Human nature is aggressive; you must go out there and get what you want — today.

4. You just haven’t met the right person yet.

This saying absolutely takes away any responsibility from the individual it’s directed at. You could be the reason why nobody wants to remain in a relationship with you — self-awareness is  an underappreciated skill.

5. Live each day like it was your last.

Spontaneity creates excitement when used logically. I wouldn’t spend my last day alive working to make money to pay the bills and take care of the things I want to take care of. Living each day like it’s your last will lead you to a life of aimlessness. Is that what you want? Of course not. Instant-gratification shouldn’t be promoted as a lifestyle;  it should be sprinkled on top of a hard-working week.

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