Madvillain – Curls: An Interpretation

Curls by Madvillain is the best song ever made. I interpret the song’s message to you, only because I feel like I should (and I have an excuse to listen to it on repeat):

I get a lot of funds. I remain consistent with true human ambition — everyone is out here trying to get their own piece of the money pie. There’s money everywhere, especially where you’re not looking. Loose women abound but they only show their talents to the leader of the pack, like me. I used to be unsure of myself and now I’m a leader in my industry. Hunger was a common feeling when I was a kid. I started rhyming with the poor folks by the time I was four. I was young but already I was hiding ganja in my dresser and I also had a bad shoplifting habit — I wasn’t allowed inside of any store.

That’s all I will tell you bout my past, I must stay secretive. But you must relax, my brother. Maybe try smoking some herb, instead of doing things that waste your time. Listen, I saw heaven at the age of seven through a spliff.

Of course, I grew up too fast; I became quite the connoisseur of drink, sometimes I’d take some with me to class. Moments arose where I had to debate if failing a class was worth me taking advantage of my girlfriend’s parents not being home.

No matter of my past, I know I have made a name for myself. Because of this, I am very hesitant as to whom I allow in my circle.

But before I leave, I want you to know some things:

  1. My hands are so brisk that people say I’m faster that The Flash
  2. I’m known to smoke copious amounts of marijuana. Copious.
  3. I leave any room with whatever I want without you noticing.
  4. Everything I do is aggressive.
  5. As odd as I may be, I get money.


7 thoughts on “Madvillain – Curls: An Interpretation

      1. When he got the mic you don’t go next – you’re more than welcome man! Would you be interested in cross-posting some of your work with our readers on, by chance?


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