The Only Human Right is Work

In order to progress, one needs to work. We have luxuries now that humans of the past never got the chance to experience. Every Texas summer reminds me of this fact — there’s nothing like walking into a mall, grocery store; anywhere, really, and feeling that cool A/C air blow your shirt back is heavenly. This innovation only came through work. Everything came through somebody’s work — because that is our only human right.

Instead, we are taught to do what you feel and let the government take care of the rest. This thought created a generation of men who are prone to become lazy, melancholic, uninspired, and undisciplined. Rather than increasing our ambition by reminding ourselves that we control our future, we are told that in order to do good work you must feel good first (and the government should support you while you get your mind together). You’ve most likely have seen that restaurant employee who visibly gives off signs that they don’t want to be at work. Not only does this affect the patrons, but it affects the worker’s opportunity to make more money. Lacking the funds to improve his life, said employee feels under appreciated and his emotions tank, and he continues to do sub-par work.

The reason one feels good after a day of hard labor — whether physical or mental; whether for money or self-improvement — is because that is what we were created for. We were not put on this earth entitled to benefits backed by hard working folk. This just isn’t true. Forget your feelings and start working on the project you want to complete, even if you don’t feel like it. Sculpting takes a long time, but the finished product is usually stunning. One wonderful fact that we forget is that lazy people exist. Lazy people make the market less competitive and more lucrative for those willing to find the money. Set yourself apart and work towards the things you daydream about.

Fuck your feelings. Get to work.



One thought on “The Only Human Right is Work

  1. This is the reason I’ve tried my hand at painting sir. Also we all have lazy days. It’s our progress in life that determines the lazy man


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