Low-Doses of Marijuana Brings More Merriment

Outside of coffee, marijuana is the most blissful drug I’ve ever taken — and will ever take. I’ve thought about rubbing some cocaine on my gums but I just don’t believe that the risk is worth it. Cocaine has never really pulled at my interests enough for me to actually try it, so I’m not sure if I can say that I’m exercising self-control by not getting coked out of my mind. With that being said, I enjoy both coffee and marijuana; sometimes I do both because I like being reckless.

While I find serenity in marijuana, I’d be lying to you if I told you that it’s a great idea to be high all the time. I’ve done it and I did no work. Due to my self-awareness, I began to witness that lower doses of ganja actually did more for me than smoking a bowl every two hours. Sure, being in that elevated state gives me uncountable ideas, but those ideas mean nothing if I’m too high to act on them. Not only that, I need a larger amount of THC to be in that serene state.

That’s where I got it wrong. Being in a constant state of peace only made me lazy and docile. It’s the same situation with coffee: I would need more coffee to feel a slight increase in productivity. I love coffee, but this wasn’t going to cut it for the rest of my life. I decided to cut back. I needed to cut back.

I changed my routine: every time I before weight lifting I take one hit of herb from my OG Chillum pipe. That’s it. If I smoke weed, I exercise. No excuses. Now, it’s a different story on the weekends because those are the days we are supposed to relax and delve into our hobbies. Of course, you need to elevate on Saturday evenings — it’s an unwritten rule. Coffee is only used in the mornings after my workouts and the technique of administering the drink is changed among espresso, French press, and drip. There is no caffeine on the weekends so that my body can miss it and react with the lower doses during the week.

This way my body feels more of both the caffeine and marijuana. Do you remember what it was like when you first got high? It was amazing, wasn’t it? It can be like that again.

Is this science? Maybe. Is this a peer reviewed study? Just one peer. Should you try it? You can.

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