Defeat Fascism: Leave Modern Liberalism

What I detest the most about liberals is the manner in which they seek victimhood in every situation. I know I’m probably generalizing, but then again, I’m probably not. If there are differing opinions on the left, the chance of hearing these voices is slim because modern liberalism tends to eat their own — there’s a very real fear of speaking out. Those who have opinions or jokes outside of their bubble are susceptible to losing their jobs or careers because of a few sensitive people who hound employers until they fire those deemed “racist”.

The meaning of democracy and free speech to a leftist is agreeing with their illusion of the world. Because of this, voicing our thought and views becomes difficult. For example, Youtube has disabled Milo’s channel from live streaming his talk at the University of New Mexico.  Maybe if they read articles past the headlines they would know that Milo is a homosexual with a fixation for black penises. How is this man a racist? What racist thing has he actually done?

Liberals will never be happy. Here’s another example, the Women’s March (which excluded anti-abortion women, because, apparently, they aren’t woman enough) made by transwomen (men in drag and men who have taken hormones) feel isolated because the vagina imagery reminded them that they aren’t women. If you want to know what you need to classify as a female, just go read a basic biology textbook. As a matter of fact, click here.

The fascists are here and we need to fight them with our voices.


2 thoughts on “Defeat Fascism: Leave Modern Liberalism

  1. People are always going to exclude others. It’s our nature to do it unintentionally and intentionally.
    It’s been happening forever. We’ve allowed too many people to speak and have an opinion on bs topics.


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