All Women Defiled by the British Medical Association

The British Medical Association has gone mad by saying that pregnant women should not be called ‘expectant mothers’ because it may offend fringe transmen. I really wanted this to be ‘fake news’.

Not only are they grossly insulting our intelligence, they’re taking away from women one of the most precious aspects of their identity. They suggest that pregnant women shouldn’t be called mothers because some looney broad with a mental illness who identifies as a man might become offended. Instead, we should say ‘pregnant people’. Humans are not part of the Syngnathidae family so, therefore, our males can’t perform the function of carrying new life in their womb. As a matter of fact, men don’t have a womb. I’m telling you, basic biology is really easy — you don’t have to enroll in night classes at a community college. In conclusion, ‘expectant fathers’ and ‘pregnant people’ don’t exist. You can include them in your next dark fantasy, but not here in reality.

Without women, there is no future. Some women struggle to have children and, now, when they finally get to achieve pregnancy you want to take away the one word that is uniquely them. It’s insanity, absolute insanity. Our intellect should only be evolving, cease this nonsense, gentlemen.

Also, they recommend that their staff use ‘assigned male or female’ instead of ‘biologically male or female’. It’s pretty ridiculous. We need to call out this stupidity. The fact that the BMA had the audacity to print this and present it to their personnel is unbelievable. They should be tarred and feathered, then ran out of town, right? But I’ve heard that tarring people really hurts so I wouldn’t suggest it. Really, it feels way better to belittle someone verbally.


One thought on “All Women Defiled by the British Medical Association

  1. If the world keeps “trying” to be nice to one group they will consistently offend another. Let’s just not worry about what people think to such degree. Really? You wanna complain about “expectant mothers” Someone’s chill pill is way over due


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