H.E.R Wrote a Song That’s Sung In Our Sub-Conscious

Ambition and creativity fuel the human spirit in all of its pursuits.  Look around; everything came from the human imagination. This retro couch I’m currently sitting on was created by some Swede that works for IKEA. Our computers came from the minds of people who love arithmetic so much that they made it do their bidding and now we can manipulate text on a screen. Think about it, everything is math and the only way our species tapped into it was by both ambition and creativity. It took creativity to form an idea and plan it, then the ambition to go forth while disregarding all dissenters.

It goes without saying that our comforts put us in situations that we don’t want to leave. I’m fantastic here, losing myself by watching history videos online. I could even turn the mind off by using one of the many applications on my phone. Alas, our human spirit begins to whisper complaints after every thought. That’s why we feel so guilty when we get nothing done. If you did absolutely nothing all day, but then you get up to do something simple like washing a cup, your body would feel gorgeous. We aren’t meant to sit around and isolate our minds from the many opportunities beyond our doors.

I say all that in order to present you a song that isn’t meant to make you think about your ex. No, this is a song written directly from all of our sub-conscious. I’m now sure why the powers that be choose H.E.R to compose and sing the words. Yeah, it’s because her voice is heavenly… and she’s really attractive.

Dim the lights, think your idea, and listen to it speak to you:

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