Elizabeth Warren is Racist, Sexist, and Gross

“She was warned. She was given an explanation. She done goofed.” is what Mitch McConnoll really should’ve said. Look, I don’t know what books McConnoll is reading but he produced a marketable quote. Give the man his credit, he crafted a nice flow. Change it to ‘he’ and say it about yourself — feel that surge of inspiration? Settle down. Instead, Mitch said ‘she’ –not that it takes away from the quote. Now some real sexists are taking this thing and applying to famous women in history, including Elizabeth Warren, in order to spread their agenda. It’s all propaganda.

Cut out all the people in your life that posted a selfie today with said words in their captions. Yes, even if it’s a guy. Do people think about what they’re doing anymore and how it is actually perceived outside of their bubble? What I don’t understand is why Elizabeth Warren; what has she really done? I don’t know what to say to you if you don’t see that sees using race to make herself into a left-wing legend. She’s absolutely disgusting.

She’s now saying that it wasn’t her voice that was silenced, it was Coretta Scott King’s:

Warren knows that what she’s doing is pompous. Elizabeth also knows that SJWs aren’t going to say anything because she’s a female. Warren gets a free pass because she is a woman. Be honest, and call things for what they are at face value.This is lunacy. Warren is gross.

On a good note, we’ve learned a word we can add to the vocabulary bank: impugned.

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