John Oliver and His Staff See Only Gender and Race

Sometimes I have to scale back because I don’t want to say something that could be mistaken as support for something horrible.  For example, Bill Maher’s monologue this past weekend felt like a call to arms against the President.  The facts aren’t out on the Flynn situation, but he’s already assuming that the Russians hacked our election.  Calling it the most serious political scandal ever is wildly irresponsible.  John Oliver, Maher’s co-worker, also did the same thing but I have no problem with them causing anxiety spikes in their own circles.  All I will say is that maybe they should be more careful: liberals set fires at UC Berkeley because Milo hurts feelings.

What I found most amusing about John Oliver this past weekend was his insistence that Trump launched his bigotry towards a journalist during a question session.

Check out Mississippi Burning II below (skip to 2:05):

What regular people see is a journalist trying to call someone out in front of cameras.  The person questioned responded:”Of course. I’m ready to talk. Do you know them? If so, set it up.”  You can see it for yourself, the reporter was a tad bit aggressive (and she should be) so obviously, Trump is going to respond aggressively (which is within his rights).  I don’t want any POTUS to bow down to anyone who’s trying to talk down to them.  You knew Bernie Sanders would’ve made for a weak president when he surrendered the stage to the BLM protestors at his rally.

Nobody is at fault here.  Reporters must be aggressive with their questions and the president must be stern in his responses.  Not for John Oliver though; the reporter is black and female; that’s what matters.

John Oliver says that the assumption that all black people are friends is what should be primarily shocking because it’s racist.  It’s only shocking if you assume that Trump meant it in that way and that’s far-fetched.  A reporter asked a question about including a certain group into the meeting and Trump merely said that he’s willing to talk.  Trump’s sin here is that he assumed that this reporter knew how to contact whomever she was advocating for.  How ghastly.  John then says that the female reporter isn’t there to for be a maid for Trump.  All because he told her to set up a meeting.  Who has thinking that during the exchange?  John Oliver and friends.

The real sexists and racists are the liberal media.  They have a need to separate everyone into groups in order to cause marginalization.  They’re the reason for the ‘Evil Whitey vs POC’ mentality.  I live in Texas and I’ve haven’t encountered racism (that I noticed).  I don’t look for it, and if ever anyone were to call me a ‘beaner’ or a ‘wetback’, I would mostly likely say something funny in return and go on with my day.  Yes, some people are mean — get over it.  But this Trump situation isn’t one of those occasions.

They reporter should be offended because there are people that only see her as female and black.  You’re nothing more to them.

One thought on “John Oliver and His Staff See Only Gender and Race

  1. Views from this article made me a little iffy of who I feel you are, but hey you can’t get anywhere if you don’t live on the wild side


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