‘Get Out’ is Not Racist, it’s Anti-Hollywood Liberals — A Great Film

Maybe spoilers:

‘Get Out’ is a fantastic thriller and you should go watch it.  Even if it’s just to see which black and white people get uncomfortable.  Seriously, it invokes anxiety on the viewer with its writing and pacing, which is what a thriller should do.  ‘Get Out’ makes itself susceptible to politicizing with its plot that involves a man who goes to meet his girlfriend’s parents for the first time by spending a  weekend at their mansion.  The family is so rich that they started a slave trade where they hypnotize those they deem to have superior genetics and sell them to the highest bidder.  The ‘Get Out’ I watched wasn’t ‘anti-white’ or ‘racist’, instead, it was anti-Hollywood liberal.

‘Get Out’ isn’t some anti-white film, it’s a warning to the public to get away from socialistic ideals.  After a good opener, we’re introduced to Chris Washington, played by the guy from Sicarios, who seems like a laid-back guy.  His character represents the masses that are told by the left that they’re oppressed by the evil white man.  Chris believes this lie with his obvious uneasiness in meeting his girlfriend’s pale family.  The movie wouldn’t have worked had the complexion not been so extreme.  The actress who plays Rose Armitage is very white; Chris is very black.  Characters on opposite sides of the spectrum. The great oppressor and the great victim, together in love, with the victim being deceived yet again.

Dean and Missy Armitage represent the deceitful leaders of the Hollywood-influenced left movement (Bill and Hillary?).  Dean is the guy that tries to patronize you with his limited knowledge of your perceived struggles.  It’s a ploy to get you to let your guard down so they can have access to your trust.  Once you believe that you are oppressed, then you actually are.  It’s self-oppression in the mind.

Missy Armitage, the hypnotherapist, is the last stage of socialism.  Once you adopt their policies, you will find yourself ‘sunk in’ and unable to control your own life.  It happens so fast that it’ll be too late to stop it once your realize what has happened. Look at Venezuela.

The Armitage Family has two slaves on the property who represent exactly what will be giving to the state if we adopt these terrible policies — our labor.  Socialism steals one of your human rights and makes it their own.   Unless you’re filthy rich like the Armitage. Filthy rich like the Hollywood liberals who push for these ideas.  Don’t be fooled. You are not oppressed by anyone but yourself.

The Great American Experiment will die if we refuse to educate ourselves with facts instead of the propaganda that’s force fed to us daily by the media and Hollywood celebrities.  Propaganda can be easy and honeyed, while facts are sometimes harsh and bitter.  It’s effortless to remain seated on that chair or victimhood, but that’s your quickest route to ‘sinking in’.


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